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About Us

Wuhan Annker is a privately held company founded in 2010. Wuhan annker is mainly doing custom synthesis of advanced pharmaceutical intermediates, multifunctional heterocylicsynthons and building blocks. Wuhan Annker provides customers with fully integrated services from discovery to commercial manufacturing.

Our services include:

Custom Synthesis

Wuhan Annker provides synthetic chemistry services ranging from designing and synthesizing intermediates and building blocks.

Process Development

Wuhan Annkers’ chemists specialize in the design and optimization of synthetic routes for gram to multi-kilo quantities of compounds.

Bulk Production

In addition to our catalog products, we offer superior, low-cost custom manufacturing services.

Wuhan Annker’s mission is to ensure our clients business successful by supplying high quality and cost effective products and services to accelerate the drug discovery and development processes.

Building Blocks & Intermediates for Drug Discovery
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